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Dimensions - Student Assessment

Dimensions is a district-wide solution for creating a K-12 Assessment Portfolio for each
student in your district, using a variety of assessment instruments (e.g. rubrics, grades, tests, PSSA, checklists).


  • The District can build a library of custom, district-approved assessments.
  • Teachers can build their own assessments to use in the classroom.
  • Select students to be assessed from user-defined groups (e.g. 1st Period Science).
  • Import outside scores, such as standardized tests, PSSA, district tests.
  • Integrate ABA behavioral data.
  • Align assessments with National, Pennsylvania or District Standards.
  • Collect a wide variety of data, such as homework, oral presentations, RELA,
    Understandings, and attendance.


  • Analyze data at District, School, Grade, Class, or Student level for varying populations of students at a point in time or longitudinally.
  • Analyze data by demographics, standards, and custom groupings.
  • Use built-in Correlation Studies to determine if an assessment is an indicator of performance on another assessment.
  • Results can be exported to MS Office applications.
  • Ad-hoc query tool

Making Assessments Relevant

  • Administrators keep up-to-date on student progress at the school and district level.
  • Teachers use real-time data to make teaching decisions.
  • District can create standards-based report cards.
  • District can report district-wide progress to the community through NCLB district report cards.


  • Consolidated district-wide database with K-12 history for each student
  • Includes customization for live dynamic link to your Student Information System
  • Data collection using a handheld or web-based interface
  • Synchronize handheld with district database for analysis.

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